An incorrigible liquor/pill/jenkem addict eking out a meagre living framing pictures of dead people for the semi-literate residents of the part of Florida that has all the sex offenders and none of the hospitality industry.

Love LifeEdit

hough she has had multiple failed dysfunctional relationships, her current flame, a mentally retarded youth named Jace from whom she obtains her jenkem fix, seems to be burning strong with no signs of stopping. A recent intervention upon young Jace by concerned family members may have put an end to their affair, but it is presumed that drunkenhobo will smuggle herself into the mental asylum in which he will be held by contorting into a box labeled "CAKE" in blood. Recent actvity has indicated that drunkenhobo is in a sexual relationship with Null. Since arriving in Florida, Hobo and null have been having non-stop 24/7 buttsex. On April 25th, Hobo annouced that she had become pregnant. Catparty, Bungholio, Null and Jace all claimed fathership, but it was later revealed that Hobo was just fat. How her affair will Null will effect her romance with Jace is yet to be seen.

It is common knowledge at this point that Jace was brutally murdered at the hands of Hunger Mythos, but it is unlikely that this would hinder their relationship from an emotional or sexual perspective.

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